Khizar Hamid

binaire opties youtube By Khizar Hamid Whenever a clients call us in for a meeting to discuss a new project, there is always two things on their minds, “Will they be able to create what I want?” and “how much is this thing gonna cost me?”. Now here is some insight into binaire opties strategieУЋn what to expect from people and how much to expect with what your putting in.

Now most people should know when talking about building websites there are quite a few factors that you should consider that will effect the cost of your website such as how follow site design intensive it is, Interactive elements, Size of site, Features of Site (Responsive, Social Media, Widgets, eCommerce etc), who you are hiring, where are they located, experience. All these things add up to the cost of your site. Now a few things to highlight are what kind of website are we looking to get developed and what do we get in those kinda sites.

Types of websites

Lets first quickly run through the different kinds of websites.

enter site 1. Catalog sites | 3000$–5000$

Most companies just need a presence online where they can showcase their work talk about themselves and talk about what they are all about, we generally categorize them as Corporate catalog sites.

tastylia side effects 2. Ecommerce Sites | 5000$–15000$

When you need to sell product or services on your website, you need an Ecommerce solution integrated on your site. such websites usually allow for multiple options such as invoice generation, order cart, printing invoices, integrated payment gateways. They are a number of paths to follow here such as which platform (Magento, Woocomerce, Shopify, OpenCart, etc) to opt for depending on what kind of solution you are hoping to achieve. Also price here would vary depending on some unique offering your trying to integrate such as data syncing with your POS software. 3. Web Application | 20,000$+

These type of sites can vary from any kind of application that could have a wide variety of features. These kind of websites usually have a special unique features often necessary to achieve a specific function such as shopify, Facebook, twitter, etc.

The other Equation

Knowing where your company is based at gives you a little insight on what kinda expense they have for example companies from India, China and Romania have a lot less cost of human resources and infrastructure as compared to those from UK or USA.

Knowing what kinds of resources they have is another factor that adds up to price, the more experienced a person the higher they cost. The type of resources being used in a project also factors in the cost of a project (Designers vs front end developer or a Back end programmer vs mobile app developer)

When clients usually try to negotiate their way to save cost, this is something I usually say most of the time “You get what you pay for”. And that statement holds true, you can’t buy a sports car if you have only saved up for a sedan.