Job Description

  • Confer with project managers to determine their requirements for making videos
  • Engage clients in conversation to decipher their specific requirements for event coverage
  • Provide ideas on coverage and editing in accordance with client’s / project manager’s videography concepts
  • Collect equipment such as cameras, stands and lights required for each project
  • Direct subjects and props placement according to the established storyboard
  • Operate video cameras and other equipment to capture running moments on tape
  • Check taped material to ensure that it has been captured properly
  • Reshoot scenes or parts that may not conform to quality coverage standards
  • Edit captured videos by using a variety of licensed software, depending on what needs to be edited
  • Generate and insert screen text and graphics according to the theme of the video
  • Maintain proper calibration of video equipment and perform regular and preventative maintenance on it
  • Support project managers throughout the production process by providing input and making necessary changes to the original footage
  • Brainstorm and present creative briefs for videos that will help elevate the brand and its message
  • Incorporate graphics and impactful images into final videos to enhance the end result
  • Encode and output videos for online video hosting and social networking sites